The long and winding road

The Americans of the Excited States like to say that theirs is a long experiment in Democracy. But, just because Canada didn’t begin with...

What goes on?

You may be wondering why the paper is full of Canada Day stuff, when it’s still a couple of weeks to July 1. The...

Blowin in the wind

You would think that a worldwide pandemic would wake people up to the important things in life: like, we’re all in this together. But,...

Thank you for the music

I love music, or, perhaps more accurately, I love songs. While instrumental music can move me, it is the combination of words and melody...

Another brick in the wall

One of our letters this week, from a long-lost regular, raises some questions and concerns about how government in this country is using the...

No woman, no cry

Most of the world is experiencing lockdowns of various kinds. The restrictions were put in place by governments, here and abroad, to protect the...

We have to be alone…but don’t be lonely

There are a few overwhelming messages we are hearing these days from the media, world leaders, and even many celebrities. We’ve all heard it...

Our house

Be honest, now. Are you tired of reading and hearing about how wonderful a place to live in is North Grenville? Forget it! This...

Twist and shout

There are times when I despair of people. Not all people, of course, though that may have to be further analysed. No, there are...

Words between the lines of age

For someone whose life is centred on words, I sometimes find myself staggered by the complexity of the languages we speak. If the idea...
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