Municipality invests $50,000 in support of Kemptville live


The Municipality of North Grenville proudly announces its commitment to the arts and to community development – with a dedicated allocation of $50,000 in support of North Grenville’s community’s largest summer event, the Kemptville Live Music Festival.

This funding, included in the 2024 budget, underscores the Municipality’s dedication to fostering cultural enrichment, strengthening community ties, and driving economic growth.

Renowned for its world-class performances set amidst the picturesque backdrop of Kemptville Campus, the Kemptville Live Music Festival has become a cornerstone of the region’s summer events calendar, drawing music enthusiasts from near and far. Mayor Peckford expressed her enthusiasm for the Municipality’s ongoing partnership with the festival, stating:

“Council takes great pride in supporting a variety of arts and culture initiatives, including this year’s Kemptville Live Music Festival. This signature event not only showcases exceptional talent from across the globe but also unites our community in a celebration of music and culture. The partnership between the Municipality of North Grenville and Kemptville Live helps to foster tourism, and bolster economic development. I eagerly anticipate another year of memorable performances that will enrich the experiences of both residents and visitors alike.”

The Municipality of North Grenville will be featured as a title sponsor and its investment aims to ensure the sustainability and longevity of the festival, fostering its growth and evolution for years to come.

Karen Bedard, organizer of Kemptville Live, expressed gratitude for the new support from the Municipality for 2024, stating, “The Festival began in 2016 with the support of amazing local corporate sponsors. It is nice to see the Municipality join the team. Kemptville Live is not Live without the support of our sponsors.

We are happy to hear that Council would support the event this year. The commitment to supporting such an event not only attracts legendary Canadian entertainment to our community but also fosters a profound sense of unity and pride among residents and visitors alike through volunteerism and community pride. We eagerly anticipate delivering yet another unforgettable event that celebrates music and culture.”

The 2024 Kemptville Live Music Festival is slated to enchant audiences from July 18- 21. Tickets are available for purchase online. For further details about Kemptville Live and opportunities to participate in this iconic event, please visit:


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