Summit Futures

by Jim Bertram The North Grenville Rural Summit concept and reality has gone through many phases over the last seven years. Originally, in 2012, I envisaged...

Lessons on reclaiming wetlands

One of the more controversial developments in North Grenville in the last decade has been in the Northwest Quadrant, that area lying between County...

It is not the answer that enlightens

by Jim Bertram “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question”. (Eugène Ionesco) Following an initial article, Ceasing to think, which I wrote several...

Scepticism re Climate Change and expert opinion

by Paul George I have been reading with interest the letters on climate change between Dr. Jo-Anne Bell and non-scientists. Since the non-scientists have expressed...

Scepticism about sceptics

by Colin Creasey I toyed with the idea of not responding to Dr. Jo-Anne Bell’s latest article on climate change. However, I am going to...

Is this the end?

The Times has heard from a number of people who complain of two things: these Climate Change articles are going on and on, without...

Why not? My thoughts

by David Herman I wanted to follow up on Hilary Thomson’s Editorial, “Why not?”. When we moved here from Nova Scotia, it was a sure...

Considering a Museum for North Grenville

by Michael Whittaker A museum for North Grenville has been a recurring conversation for some time. Interest has come from the North Grenville Historical Society,...

More on the Ceasing to Think controversy

by Dr Jo-Anne Bell It has been a few weeks since I wrote “Re: Ceasing to Think and the Ensuing Backlash”, and I have been...
The NG Times Newspaper

A Test of Trust

by Harmen Boersma Is NG a united or divided community? Or is it wishy-washy? One week the NG Times reports about the inclusiveness (oneness, unity)...
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