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The Jail : A democratic solution

by Jim Bertram If we are even to begin to assess the importance of “the Jail issue”, we must establish a few criteria which will...
The NG Times Newspaper

The Green Party: Guaranteed Basic Income for All: A Rebuttal

by Willem Van Dam The Green Party contends that there is no time like now to correct economic disparities, since Canada and Ontario are wealthy,...
The NG Times Newspaper

Consultations? What consultations?

The NG Times spoke with Jim Bertram recently, as part of our Conversations with... series of podcasts. The topic was, naturally, the proposed prison,...

The economic benefits of prisons in small towns?

by Jim Bertram The prison project proposed for the town of Kemptville has been put forward, at least partially, based on the assertion that such...
The NG Times Newspaper

Mega-Prison: Breaking News from the parallel universe

by Stephen Hammond from the future After consulting with the public concerning the new Kemptville prison, and given the increasing criminal activity across Ontario, Queen's...
The NG Times Newspaper

Where is the proof of economic growth?

by James Bertram Thanks to Steve Hammond for his letter of last week in which he refers to municipal spending ostensibly directed toward the support...
The NG Times Newspaper

Covid and Seniors’ Homes: What Happened?

By Jim Bertram As everyone who has not been asleep for the last five months knows, Covid-19 has become a part of our vocabulary. This...

Local Wisdom

by Jim Bertram Included with the many interesting and informative articles contributed each week to the Times are well thought out letters, which often serve...
The NG Times Newspaper

A reply to Fundamentals of Journalism

Victor Lachance and I have agreed to discuss this topic in the paper after corresponding with each other over a number of months. We...
The NG Times Newspaper

Fundamentals of Journalism

by Victor Lachance Should newspaper owners or editors be free to write articles about God or their religious beliefs in their newspaper? I say no....
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