Overuse of the Standing Ovation

submitted by David Herman I went to that know it all source, of everything WIKIPEDIA, and it tells me that a standing ovation is a...

How global climate change improves everyone’s life

submitted by Kelvin Hodges I find the debate over the effects of CO2 and the resulting change in our climate absurd. Laughable. And there are...

In my opinion – The election and Western separatism

by Dan Driedgert, Kemptville resident The election of 2019 is now history. We are now left with a deeply divided country. So much so, that...
The NG Times Newspaper

Some thoughts on Campaigns and Parliaments

by David Herman Well the election is over and regardless of your political preference, I do not think very many Canadians are happy with the...
The NG Times Newspaper

A Better Environmentalism

by Craig Stevenson Carbon taxation has taken on a near-religious quality, with its advocates firm in the belief that it must be implemented to halt...

The Taxman Cometh

by Jim Bertram Thank you to Steve Hammond for another one of his illuminating pieces of writing in last week’s Times. He makes a number...

Summit Futures

by Jim Bertram The North Grenville Rural Summit concept and reality has gone through many phases over the last seven years. Originally, in 2012, I envisaged...

Lessons on reclaiming wetlands

One of the more controversial developments in North Grenville in the last decade has been in the Northwest Quadrant, that area lying between County...

It is not the answer that enlightens

by Jim Bertram “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question”. (Eugène Ionesco) Following an initial article, Ceasing to think, which I wrote several...

Scepticism re Climate Change and expert opinion

by Paul George I have been reading with interest the letters on climate change between Dr. Jo-Anne Bell and non-scientists. Since the non-scientists have expressed...
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