On a carousel

I have often wondered if the people who lived through historic events realised that they were. Of course, they must have known that the...

Working and waiting

Hard to believe anything could take the headlines away from Covid-19, but the proposed Greater Ottawa Correctional Facility has done it. The announcement on...

Where do I begin?

More and more, recently, I’ve been thinking about one of my favourite lines from movies. This one is from 1970's Love Story, where Jennifer...

In spite of all the danger

Surrounded as we are by bad news, dangers to our health, physical and economic, and all the daft conspiracy theories taking over from rational...


I think this week we could have published an issue with nothing but articles, letters and posts about the proposed jail in “Greater Ottawa”....

Shelter from the storm

We’ve been dealing with the new way of life for six months now, and this very strange year has brought out much that we...

Jailhouse blues

The news that the provincial government are planning a major correctional facility in Kemptville came as a genuine shock to the community. Even the...

Michael Barrett crusades against Trudeau

It seems our local Member of Parliament, Michael Barrett, has found a cause. As Opposition Spokesperson for Ethics, he has joined with that warm and...

Don’t like it, don’t read it

by Victor Lachance Readers’ reactions to my recent Fundamentals of Journalism opinion editorial, and Times Editor David Shanahan’s rebuttal, included the argument that, if someone...


One of the more obvious outcomes of the current pandemic (yes, it’s still here) has been the fear that the world’s economies are going...
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