Gord Brown – a last few words

Gord Brown served this riding as a Member of Parliament for almost fourteen years. He was a member of the Committee on Canadian Heritage...
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Feelin’ groovy

Are we starting to feel a little vulnerable yet? It’s been quite a week, month, season... The Climate Change deniers are having to scramble...

Please, Mister Postman

Some weeks are worse than others. This past week or so brought some complications to my life that I thought I would share with...

Canadian Apartheid remains an issue

There is an ironic juxtaposition of National Aboriginal Day, which takes place today, Wednesday, June 21, and the Canada Day celebration of Canada’s 150th...

A call to farms

by Woody Armour The price of food items is rising faster than the inflation rate, as many have noticed. In addition, the actions of this...
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Floods, fires and the future

How exceptional is the recent warm weather, with its record high temperatures around the world? As places as far apart as Japan, London and...
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Hello Goodbye

Well, that must be a record. After campaigning all summer, getting elected in October, sworn in as a Councillor on December 2, attending just...
The NG Times Newspaper

We have only one Earth

by Colin Creasey There was an interesting editorial in this newspaper, admittedly a while ago now, entitled “Income gap is growing in Canada.” It was...
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Something happened last week in our municipal elections, we’re just not sure yet what it was. There was a fear in some quarters that...

I read the news today….

As we go to print (Monday night), Canada Post has postponed its decision to lock out its employees, which would have meant that there...
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