Not on the radar

by Deron Johnston I sat down with a downtown Kemptville resident this week in a local coffee shop. I asked him what subject was important...
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Please please me

We are now officially launched into the Year of Elections. Provincially, this riding now has a full slate of candidates nominated by their respective...

Paranoid Android

Last week I had the most unpleasant experience: someone hacked my e-mail and sent fraudulent e-mails out to most, if not all, of my...
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I can see clearly now

Every four years, as the municipal election gets closer and candidates try to impress on the voters their fresh ideas, new approaches and vision...

Hard habit to break

by Deron Johnston I’m never far away from my phone, it’s beside me 24 hours a day. I use it for work, pleasure and it...
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Poor relations

Last week, the guest editorial pointed out the way in which the Municipality of North Grenville has failed the downtown businesses in Kemptville. Spending...
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And so this is Christmas…

“...and what have we done?” I make no apologies for using John Lennon’s words every year at this time. Aside from it being from...

One way or another

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in the neighbourhood. Mayor Gordon, or rather Warden Gordon, raised an issue and a lot of...
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Democracy inaction

by Deron Johnston This past Monday night's Committee of the Whole meeting had something on the agenda that I'll bet that not many people were...

I read the news today

This is National Newspaper Week in Canada: a chance to think about the place of the print media in society today and the growing...
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