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Dazed and confused

This is a very confusing time of the year. On the one hand, we’re all looking forward to Christmas and all that means. On...
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What a wonderful world

Louis Armstrong sang a lovely song, one that makes people smile and sigh happily, no doubt. These days, I find myself saying the words...
The NG Times Newspaper

Changing of the guards

This may seem a little premature, but we need to start thinking about the next municipal election. It doesn’t actually happen until October 22...

Twist and shout

There are times when I despair of people. Not all people, of course, though that may have to be further analysed. No, there are...
The NG Times Newspaper

Please please me

We are now officially launched into the Year of Elections. Provincially, this riding now has a full slate of candidates nominated by their respective...
The NG Times Newspaper

Floods, fires and the future

How exceptional is the recent warm weather, with its record high temperatures around the world? As places as far apart as Japan, London and...

On oil prices, poverty and the strong Canadian economy

By Heather Sansom While procrastinating really, just thinking that despite the trendy panic (peer pressure, group think, propaganda dare I say, maybe even social bullying)...
The NG Times Newspaper

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

That traditional part of election campaigns continues this year: candidates’ signs are disappearing from the streets and byways of North Grenville. It is a...
The NG Times Newspaper

In the year 2525

Things change rapidly in this world of ours. Climate change, elections surprises, and so many other things, make one wonder where we’ll be in...

Heritage is people!

This week Ontario is celebrating Heritage, one of the more understated weeks in the Ontario calendar, unfortunately. For many people, the word “Heritage” refers...
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