O Canada! Full of Contradictions

We live in a strange land. Canada always seems to be developing into something, but never becoming sure of what that something should be....

Hard habit to break

by Deron Johnston I’m never far away from my phone, it’s beside me 24 hours a day. I use it for work, pleasure and it...
The NG Times Newspaper

Floods, fires and the future

How exceptional is the recent warm weather, with its record high temperatures around the world? As places as far apart as Japan, London and...

Rights and privileges

There are certain rights and freedoms we value in Canada, perhaps especially in North Grenville. After all, we have had experience in the past...

Homeward Bound

It seemed best to some who know me that I leave North Grenville for a while. They’ll never find you in Ireland, was the...

A year of death and division

This is our annual Remembrance Day issue, and we have, naturally, concentrated on the year of 1917, one hundred years ago, and a pivotal...

Undermining the foundations

by Neil Pringle I’ve been a resident of North Grenville since 1991. I attended North Grenville District High School, and, in 2009, my brother and...
The NG Times Newspaper

Eve of Destruction

Has something very important been broken in the world? Is it my imagination, or have we reached a new low in human relations and...

Please, Mister Postman

Being a growing community, still finding the balance between a traditional rural and contemporary urban population, North Grenville is losing some of that old...
The NG Times Newspaper


We do live in interesting times, which, as you may know, is considered a curse in some cultures. In an incredibly fast process, the...
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