When you can’t HUG – K I S S

by Councillor Doreen O’Sullivan Keep It Sweet and Simple! Every level of government provides the same basic advice about how to manage during the current...

Canadian Physician Mothers for a Healthy Recovery from Covid-19

Canadian Physician Mothers across the country are asking Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet to invest in a “Healthy Recovery” from COVID-19. The Canadian...

Thank You from @thetripletsofkemptville

by Veronica Cresp I continue to be astounded by the amount of help and support we have received from our community over the past nine...
The NG Times Newspaper

North Grenville families stressed about back to school

Local school boards are busy devising plans for when school resumes in a few weeks, and the requirements and suggestions are examined in another...
The NG Times Newspaper

Fact and faith

The discussion which has been taking place in the Letters section of the Times, as well as in off-the-record e-mails, has raised some very...

Let’s not mess this up

There was a certain amount of relief around North Grenville when Premier Ford announced that we would be entering Phase 3 of the re-opening...

New partnership in forest management

Forests are the air filters for the planet, absorbing noxious carbon gases and releasing precious oxygen for the benefit of all life on Earth....

Is it still sexual harassment when the harrasser is a customer?

by Anne-Marie Langan A survey done by Statistics Canada of survivors of workplace sexual harassment found that a large percentage of them (56%) were harassed...

Covid-19 antidote potential of certain herbs

by William J. Langnberg, M.Sc. Environmental Biology; former Researcher/Lecturer, Kemptville College When I tell the public that I have a Covid-19 potential antidote growing in...

An essay on the Robertson-headed Screw

by Fred Scheuler In 1906 Peter Lymburner Robertson, wounded by the slippery slot of the primitive screwnail, invented the square recess screw, or as patriotic...
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