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How do we know? Faith and science

I believe that, if anything is truly true, it can questioned freely and openly and it will stand to scrutiny. Naturally, I think that...
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Organisations of help feeling the strain

Among the victims of this covid-19 pandemic are the many non-profit organisations that are dealing with a huge increase in demands for their services....
The NG Times Newspaper

The unknown God

When Paul arrived in Athens in 50 AD, he was at the centre of religious and philosophic life in the world of his day....

Food Corner

by Paul (and Beth) Cormier, Salamanders of Kemptville Many thanks for the acknowledgements of the various dishes we have been bringing you and, in particular,...

Time to support your local businesses

by Shelley Mitchell The roller coaster ride of the pandemic hit me hard, and my emotional wellbeing hit an all-time low last week. I came...

Thank you Canada from the Netherlands

by José van Zijl On May 5, the people of The Netherlands celebrated the 75th anniversary of the liberation from German occupation, by Canadian soldiers....

Food Corner

by Paul Cormier, Salamanders of Kemptville Last week, we introduced you to the very simple Carrot Salad. This week, we think it might be fun...
The NG Times Newspaper

Ferguson Forest is not for off-leash dogs

by Heather Ruth Samson Ferguson Forest is NOT an off-leash dog park. All the people I know are responsible; but, somehow, there are people out...

What a Time to Be a Nurse!

by Councillor Doreen O’Sullivan When the World Health Organization (WHO) proclaimed 2020 the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, little did they know exactly how...
The NG Times Newspaper

What Can I Do When There’s Nothing To Do

by Elisabeth Lamble I went to the window and looked down my street. Everything’s quiet, there’s no-one to meet. No bikers, no walkers, no kids playing ball No...
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