Burritts Rapids history: A question of sources

Last week, we looked at the story of John Strachan French, mill owner and merchant in Burritts Rapids between 1841 and 1858. The problem...

Burritts Rapids and a problem in history

In order to write history, historians need reliable sources. Unless you have information, dependable and supported by documents, letters, diaries, maps or whatever, it...

More information about Tom Chu

A few weeks ago, in our August 19 issue, we published a short article about Tom (or Tam) Chu, who is buried in a...

Deeks Quarry: an industrial phenomenon

A few weeks ago, we profiled the campaign back in 2001-3 to have the memorial cairn at Deek’s Quarry renovated and restored. Since then,...

The mystery of Tom Chu

There has been some discussion on our Facebook page recently about the grave in the Kemptville Union Cemetery where a Chinese man, Tom Chu,...

1955 – Farm Calendar

Most of the time, historians depend on documents, oral history, and photographs to understand what life was like in earlier times. But in this...

A forgotten memorial

Is there anything sadder than a memorial that no-one remembers? In the first half of the last century, Deek’s Quarry was a hive of...

Dead centres of the community

There would seem to be little to say about local cemeteries. But those gravestones contain the names of some of North Grenville’s famous citizens,...

A moment in time

For the historian, a document will come along that provides a unique opportunity to look at a particular moment in the past and a...

Canadians and the Russian Civil War, 1919

Canadian chaplains Harold McClausland and Jacques Oliviere, joined by other Canadian officers, at the dedication of the Canadian Memorial, Marine Cemetery, Vladivostok, Russia, 1...
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