The Wild Man of Oxford

There is no doubt that, over the decades that North Grenville and its predecessors have been in existence, many fascinating and colourful figures have...
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Did Red Squirrels invent Sugaring?

by Dr. Fred Schueler - Fragile Inheritance Natural History In 1974, James Pendergast of Merrickville was upbraided by fellow archaeologists for suggesting that an ash-rich...

The Vanishing People

In Canadian history, there is a fascinating period between the immediate pre-contact period and the arrival of the first Europeans. Archaeology can tell us...

Larry and Anstace Esmonde-White

Long before the current interest in local food initiatives, two residents of North Grenville were spreading the word on television across North America and...

Oxford’s First Family

It takes a huge stretch of the imagination to visualise Oxford-on-Rideau Township in 1800. There were no roads, no houses, no residents. Think about...

The Block house: a Rideau Canal icon

The Block house beside the Rideau Canal locks is one of the most iconic of Merrickville’s sights. Built 185 years ago, in 1832, it...

Maley Block / Rotary Park

Maley Block / Rotary Park, Corner of Clothier and Prescott Streets Where Rotary Park is today, was once another major centre of commerce and activity...

Kemptville’s Cold War secret

At the height of the Cold War, the Canadian Government took steps to ensure the Continuity of Government in the event of a nuclear...

South Gower: a strange and changeable township

When the Township of South Gower was amalgamated with Oxford-on-Rideau and the Town of Kemptville in 1998, it officially ceased to exist. But that...

Ferguson Forest Centre Saved

The recent news that the Ferguson Forest Centre was threatened with closure reminded everyone how important an asset it is to this community. But...
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