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Robin Mum on nest

On a beautiful May 6 afternoon, a glittering Ruby throat heralded the arrival back to the area of a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird. It appeared right in the centre spot feeder in front of our window, occupied by one of my Birdie Block feeders, and not its usual feeder! It hovered momentarily and was gone, just like that, seeking someone else, who was more thoughtful, to find some food! I didn’t even get a chance to show you a picture of it, it was gone so quickly! Ah well, maybe it will be back again soon to find the feeder it was looking for and which was installed in its rightful position, within a quarter of an hour of the “sighting”, but it didn’t return and, believe me, I waited with camera ready for a very long time!

I wasn’t the only one to see a Hummingbird on that day. A friend of mine, living a few miles west of us, saw one too and also a couple of Rose Breasted Grosbeaks – great! We did, however, get a Hummingbird the next day, so my frantic effort to put up a feeder was not entirely in vain!

Male & Female House Finches

My waiting sojourn was not entirely wasted, because many other birds and, of course, three different colored squirrels, provided me with plenty of things to fill my camera lens with, whilst I waited hopefully for another Hummingbird sighting. One of the squirrels, a black one, was obviously a Mum, given away by the fact that she had quite distended teats, a factor unnoticed before for many of the previous years that these particular visitors have been coming here feeding, somewhat unwantedly!

Whilst we excitedly await for other birds to return, our resident ones, such as the House and Gold Finches, continue to change from their winter colours into their more familiar and brighter summer colours. This transition is very subtle, but, when you see them in the sunlight,  the changes are really strikingly emphasized and not to be missed.

Behind the scenes there is also a lot of other activity going on, as nests have to be built, eggs laid, and then young to be reared. My nesting shelf to the rear of my garage is presently occupied by a Robin, who is sitting patiently on her eggs awaiting the hatching of the next generation. Perhaps you, too, are witnessing all the various things happening in the avian world at this busy time of the year. Enjoy, but stay safe and well.

John Baldwin


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