No woman, no cry

Most of the world is experiencing lockdowns of various kinds. The restrictions were put in place by governments, here and abroad, to protect the...

We have to be alone…but don’t be lonely

There are a few overwhelming messages we are hearing these days from the media, world leaders, and even many celebrities. We’ve all heard it...

Our house

Be honest, now. Are you tired of reading and hearing about how wonderful a place to live in is North Grenville? Forget it! This...

Twist and shout

There are times when I despair of people. Not all people, of course, though that may have to be further analysed. No, there are...

Words between the lines of age

For someone whose life is centred on words, I sometimes find myself staggered by the complexity of the languages we speak. If the idea...

Whispering hope

It may not seem that there are any silver linings to the Covid-19 cloud that hangs over the world, but there may be more...

Carry that weight

The statistics which were released by the Ontario Government last week make shocking reading. In a praise-worthy effort to be transparent with the public,...

We shall overcome

Well, how is everyone doing these days? I must say, living through a period of history is an interesting experience. In this past week,...

Pressing on

What a strange world we’re living in. One day, history books will be written about these days and the amazing global experience we’re all...

Shelter from the storm

Well, the world has turned upside down in the past couple of weeks, hasn’t it? I read one sentence the other day that I...
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