Why not?

As some of you may know, I grew up in Toronto. I lived in several houses in the city, starting in what used to...

Always look on the bright side of life

I was thinking that, perhaps, most of you are like me and are becoming quite tired of bad news, controversy, political idiocy in high...

A little bit more

Following on from last week’s Editorial, “A little bit me, a little bit you”, there are some important points to be made, especially in...
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A little bit me, a little bit you

In the society in which we live in Canada, as with all Western-style liberal democracies, the health and vitality of our communities depends on...

O Canada! Full of Contradictions

We live in a strange land. Canada always seems to be developing into something, but never becoming sure of what that something should be....
The NG Times Newspaper

An opinion on objectivity

As a general rule I value objectivity, especially in my work as a journalist. In journalism school I had my opinions beaten out of...
The NG Times Newspaper

A serendipitous adventure

Life works in mysterious ways. When I was 21, I was going into my second year of post-secondary education at Carleton University. I was moving...
The NG Times Newspaper

Dazed and confused

The Ford government has had to do a major climb down on some of their budget proposals after meeting stern opposition from the general...

My generation

It may be because I am so tired of political news, from Trudeau to Trump, from Brexit to Doug Ford, that I decided to...
The NG Times Newspaper

Just like starting over

Everyone has heard about the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times”. Well, consider yourself well and truly cursed. It’s hard to...
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