Sale of Red Camaro supporting KDH Foundation Campaign


submitted by Kristy Carriere

In 2019, Johnstown resident Bill Tulk suffered a major heart attack and was rushed to the emergency room at Kemptville District Hospital (KDH). Thanks to the life saving efforts of the physicians and nurses at KDH, Bill was stabilized and transferred to the world-renowned Ottawa Heart Institute.

To this day, Bill credits KDH for saving his life. Bill shared with us that one of his biggest regrets was selling his 1995 Red Camaro Convertible in 2021.

When he saw an advertisement recently for a 1995 Red Camaro for sale in Kemptville, he had to call to see if it was “his” former car.

The current owner, Liz MacPherson, was indeed selling the Camaro that Bill had once owned. She had purchased it from Myers in Kemptville a few days after Bill had turned it in. It was a birthday present to herself on her 70th birthday.

Liz happens to be the Chair of the Board of the Kemptville District Hospital. She had decided to sell the car and donate the proceeds from the sale to help bring a CT scanner to KDH. “At my age,” she says “I think I will need a CT scanner more than a red convertible!”

Bill was set on negotiating the asking price but when he heard what Liz was going to do with the proceeds, he immediately agreed to the asking price of $15,500. Last Sunday, Liz and Bill met to finalize the sale. Hearing Bill’s story and how grateful he was for the care he received at KDH made Liz’s volunteer experience on the Board even more rewarding.

A beloved car, enjoyed by both Bill and Liz, now has another legacy – a generous donation to the KDH Foundation to bring a CT scanner to this community.

Liz has issued a challenge to the KDH family to match her donation. If anyone would like to help match Liz’s donation, you can go online at and make your donation, or call Kristy at 613-258-6133 ext. 157.

Thank you to Bill and Liz for sharing their story. KDH has touched so many lives in our community.

Please support bringing a CT scanner to KDH.


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