Letter to the Editor – Accusations


 Dear Editor

Regarding the Op/Ed: ‘Idiot Wind’ in last week’s edition, I suppose I too will be accused of being ‘too close’–not to council, but to the retired editor of the NG-Times, when I say, ‘Bravo–Well Said—Shut ’em Down!’ I am referring to the intellectual giants who rant and roar out of sight, in the safe obscurity of social media/Facebook, when they feel that they have been slighted.  

In this case, the person who possessed an impressive amount of innate idiocy was saved from his own mouth and vacuous thoughts, resulting in legal bills that would have been prohibitive.  Just because you don’t like someone or an outcome (like losing in an election—badly losing) doesn’t give anyone the right to libel and slander others.  Who do you think you are?  Just how important are you that you feel so entitled?  You are no more or less important than all the rest of us.  Do us all a favour please…just shut up!..excuse me, I should have said, ‘Stop talking, please’  You are a community liability.  If you have nothing but negativity and falsehoods to contribute, why not remove yourself….to, say, Florida.  There seems to be no shortage of like-minded intelligentsia there.

And as for this council:  a) it does not rule with a dictator in the Mayor’s chair (as was the case prior to the previous batch), b) it does not feel that it has been anointed by God Almighty and rules with The Divine Right of Kings (as was the case with the group who had served far too long past their best-before-date).  It’s not perfect, but it is a huge improvement.              

The Pierre Poilievre style of always criticize, never compromise nor suggest alternatives is not helpful.  Anyone can be a critic.  It doesn’t make you superior.  It does not make you right.  Putting forth a better plan does improve your stance.  I would gladly listen to that.

Peter Johnson,
Upper Oxford Mills



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