by Rachel Everett-Fry, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

At the Municipal Council Meeting of August 11, Council agreed to recognize September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The “Childhood Cancer” flag will be raised from September 1-30.

Brenda Burich and Lyall Jollota delivered a presentation to Council. Having each lost a child to cancer, they explained that in Canada, 14,000 children are diagnosed each day with cancer. It is the #1 cause of death by disease of Canadian children past infancy.

Due to COVID-19, the Canadian Cancer Society has canceled Neon Night Fun Run events not only in North Grenville, but in general. This is a significant loss of fundraising opportunity. To exacerbate the problem, child-specific cancers only receive 4% of funding.

As Councillor John Barclay stated, even in the absence of events like Neon Night, “fundraising still has to continue.” Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman inquired how general donations to the Canadian Cancer Society could be allocated to support research into childhood cancer. Brenda suggested sending in donations to CHEO’s pedriatic oncology research, or labelling donations to the Canadian Cancer Society as donations specifically for childhood cancer.

Thanking Council, Brenda explained that, “by raising the flag for the month of September, we are promoting childhood cancer awareness. Something as simple as wearing a gold ribbon, contributing to pediatric oncology, or giving blood to a child, is needed to support our children.”


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