Council raised the Childhood Cancer Awareness flag on Friday, September 2. This follows North Grenville Council’s proclamation of the month of September as “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Internationally, September has been identified as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Every year, far too many children, over 900 aged 15 and under are diagnosed with cancer in Canada. And in fact, more than 10,000 Children across the country are battling cancer right now.

Tragically, cancer is still the number one cause of death by disease of Canadian children. In raising the flag today, we recognize the children and families whose lives are devastated by childhood cancers, and the urgency of supporting research to improve outcomes on these life-threatening conditions.

On behalf of our community, we want families in North Grenville who are affected by childhood cancer to know that you are not alone. A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying, and comes with so many unknowns. It a journey no parent would ever imagine or want for their child or themselves.

To those that have fought the battle of childhood cancer, in the past or now– we see you. We are here for you, and we will continue as a community to find ways to support you.


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