Letter to the Editor – KPS Apartments


Dear Editor,

Many thanks to E. McGreavy’s letter to the editor about the 168 apartments planned for the old KPS site. Brava! She managed to articulate how many of us feel about this overbearing project, and pointed out concerns that are not being met by the developers.

Even though the appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal was unfortunately withdrawn, the outrage about this development simmers with those whose homes will be forever changed by the domineering construction.

The developer’s plans leave us with no privacy, condensed wall to wall parking lots, and easily over 300 extra cars filtering onto Reuben Crescent to the already congested downtown area.

Since there are another 109 apartments being built on Reuben, around the corner from the KPS site, the traffic flow onto Prescott St will be excessive to say the least!

It also doesn’t appear that any “affordable housing” units are set aside at the KPS site, and so “living longer with your parents” or “having to move,” away may well be the only solution for young adults or anyone struggling financially. Not ideal!

So if we really care about our town’s development and the future of its people, it demands that we get this “right!”

Mr. Pinsent


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