Letter to the Editor – Pierre Poilievre


Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing the letter from Peter Johnson about Pierre Poilievre, and thank you Peter for taking the time to write such a well crafted, logical and fact based letter. Such a treat to read this opinion in the Conservative wasteland of SDG. I keep hoping for more signs of a changing demographic, and I guess all things come to those who wait.

It must be easy, not to say convenient, to have one person to blame for everything. I find it amusing how many people blame everything on Mr. Trudeau. Do they examine what matters are under provincial responsibilities, the global situation, and how other countries have many of the same fiscal, social, etc., issues that we do here in Canada? How much real power does a Prime Minister have? What is a real dictator is like? Etc.

And why think that Mr. Poilievre has any solutions? Have you heard of any plans, well thought out researched plans about how to improve the lives of Canadians? Any real consideration of the sacrifices we all have to make in view of the catastrophic climate crisis that is already changing life on earth in a dramatic, costly and almost irrevocable way? I heard a great analogy; it’s like a bus is heading off a precipice and people are arguing over which seat they want to take.

Really, I despair at the choices some people make.

Janet Whittam


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