Letter to the Editor – Housing


Dear Editor,

The problem today, that houses cannot be built fast enough to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population, is a problem the world over. Part of the building problem is a shortage of skilled and unskilled workers.

A solution is housing like ours. Modular homes built in factories and transported to the site where the foundation and all utilities are ready for immediate connection. Modular construction could also apply to schools and hospitals, fire halls, you name it. 

Don’t bring in portable classrooms, bring in modular classrooms that connect to the existing school and the school utilities. Can you visualize hospital wards being built in a factory and assembled as and when needed? No longer would there be 2 to 3 years of planning. Each classroom, each hospital ward and each firehall bay can be brought in on flat beds and assembled on site. Last year, in Nanaimo, a four-storey apartment was assembled on site and had its first occupants within 6 weeks of the foundation being poured. The apartment is now fully occupied and is called “Women’s Haven”, a home for destitute women.

Just my practical thoughts.

Ian Waymark



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