Local food


by Dana Douglas, MScFN, RD, LG&L District Health Unit

Spring is here and soon we’ll be seeing locally grown food in our area. Local food is food that’s grown as close to home as possible. For some products, that may mean grown in Ontario. Choosing local food can help increase your fruit and vegetable intake, and provide you with fresher, tastier and better food for freezing and canning. Choosing local food also contributes to local employment incomes, and to a reduction in carbon emissions. 

When you buy local food at farmers’ markets, you can meet your growers and producers. Local pick-your-own farms provide a great outing for families, friends and coworkers. When you are out, keep your eyes open for farm-gate sales. Have fun at strawberry socials, county fairs or food festivals. Community Shared Agriculture programs are another way to support local farmers and producers. Look for signs in the grocery store indicating which foods were grown in Ontario. Ask your favourite eating establishment to buy local food. 

Visit the Food Inventory at foodcoreLGL to learn more about local farmers and producers.



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