Green Party respond to Gas Tax comments


Responding to comments from Steve Clark and Josh Bennett regarding the scheduled increase in the federal carbon tax, local Ontario Greens President Steve Gabell said:

“We are in a climate emergency. Last year saw the worst wildfire season on record. An abnormally dry and warm winter threatens more of the same this year, and wildfires are already alight in the western provinces. 2023 shattered global records for the hottest year on record and scientists around the world are sounding the alarm bell.

“It is beyond all doubt that burning fossil fuels is causing the climate crisis, and that we must reduce carbon emissions both rapidly and deeply. Putting a price on carbon is a necessary part of reducing emissions.

“Greens will always prioritise the protection of our environment over short term political games. Ontario Greens are calling for a climate affordability plan to slash emissions while putting money back into people’s pockets through savings on household energy, transportation, and transit.”



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