submitted by Steve Gabell

Ontario Greens local leader Steve Gabell released the following statement in response to the news that North Grenville Covid Assessment Centre is to close.

“Since opening in September 2020 the North Grenville Covid Assessment Centre (NGCAC) has provided vital care for people in our area.

Many people in our area do not have family doctors or have one who is not local. NGCAC has enabled people to access prompt medical care for Covid or other respiratory infections and has been a vital part of our local healthcare system.

My wife, my young daughter, and I have all benefited from the excellent and accessible care NGCAC has delivered, as I know many others have as well. I’d like to thank Dr Rutherford and the team at NGCAC for their service to our community over the last few years.

Doug Ford has terminated funding for all covid clinics in the province, in the mistaken belief that the pandemic is over.

The pandemic is not over. People are still contracting covid, being admitted to hospital with it and dying from it. Covid has also led to a surge in other infections, such as strep throat.

People who are sick need medical care close to home and they need it promptly.

Closing NGCAC while the pandemic is still ongoing will only serve to increase pressures on emergency departments in our hospitals.

Ontario Greens are calling on the Ford government to continue funding NGCAC so people can access the care they need when they need it.”



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