Letter to the Editor – Greenbelt


Dear Editor,

A Free Consultation With Mr. Ford and Mr. Clark:

To those whose job it is to represent Me:

I am 100% against the development of the Greenbelt. You should be too. I am also 100% against dropping a prison on Kemptville…so should you. The typical manner in which you do things is, you make the decision—without any consultation with other parties, then you go ahead with a plan to make it appear as if you are going through the ‘consultation process’. In my opinion, to use an agricultural comparison, that’s the stuff that is shovelled out of the horse stalls or the bull pens.

The problem is at least twofold:

1) The idea of developing agricultural land is bad. In the case of the housing developments, it only serves the wealthy supporters of your party.

2) The process is non-democratic. The people have no say…at least no say that is listened to.

And that is likely what will happen to this…it will be like a whisper in the wind. Steven Clark…once upon a time, you were an honest, sincere person with good ideas. Now, you are part of the big political machine and you are no longer the politician you once were. That’s yours and our loss.

Doug Ford…well I’m almost lost for words. I believe that you have not been good for the Province, and moves like this prove that I am not wrong in my belief. The sooner you resign and go off to some cushy corporate board, the better. For advice on how to do this, look up the other Conservative premier who did a good job of dismantling the Province…Mike Harris.

RESIGN NOW…do us all a favour.

Peter Johnson (Oxford Mills)



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