Kay’s 106th Birthday Party

Senior Times


by Cecile Fortier

A silent stillness hovered over the audience in the lounge, expecting the “Star of the Day”, Kay, who was celebrating her one hundred and six birthdays! Huge golden number 106 balloons were on the stage, with a special musician who was asked to play songs from the gay twenties, thirties, and so forth, remembered by many in the audience.

Kay is presented with a bouquet by Ron Theriault
of Kemptville Retirement Living at her 106th birthday party.

Kay, with her entourage escorting her, but still very able to walk and stand by herself, made her entrance. Lights turned on and a loud chorus of “Happy Birthday” was sung by all present.  Ron Theriault, Managing Director of Kemptville Retirement Living, escorted her with her son, daughter, and family to their special chairs. A huge cake and flowers were presented to her. The dear lady, with a side of help, blew out all the candles on her cake. The audience partook in the beautifully decorated cake.  

The special surprise of the celebration was Ron Theriault asking this dear lady to dance a waltz with him. Without any hesitation, she acquiesced to his chivalry, the two going slowly around the dance floor, and others joining with them, but the principal dancers were in a world of their own, with Kay nestled against Ron following every step. She was probably remembering many years gone by, dancing with her Prince Charming. Together, they were gliding confidently as if the lady was twenty years old! Those watching were left with teary eyes admiring the pair! It was so beautiful to see these two keeping step with the music.

Friends gathered around to wish Kay their personal special wishes. It was a very beautiful, but simple festivity. Kemptville residents will remember this heartfelt celebration for a very long time. 


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