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In our diverse and vibrant community, there are many, who despite their wealth of lived experiences may find themselves marginalized and overlooked. Many seniors face challenges related to social isolation, economic hardship, and limited access to essential services. At Seniors’ Community Services, we recognize the need to create and sustain a support system dedicated to seniors and adults with physical disabilities. 

In 2020, Ron enjoyed a good life as a man in his early 60’s.  He was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, was very social, and shared his life with a loving partner. A stroke changed his life in January 2021, and tragically and unexpectedly, he lost his partner three months later. Ron was left to pick up the pieces and navigate living on his own with the effects of aphasia, loneliness, and the weight of his grief.  It was a difficult and emotionally complex time. Ron’s daughter found SCS, and we worked together to support his needs. Five days a week a hot lunch is delivered to his home by Meals on Wheels volunteers. Access to healthy meals and a friendly visit from a volunteer connect him to his community.  This was the stepping stone to creating a support system to help Ron age well in his own home.

In the words of Ron’s daughter, “SCS is our lifeline, we simply could not have faced this uncertain time without their caring and support. A healthy meal, a check-in, and a smile. With aphasia comes a communication deficit, and SCS has helped to build my Dad’s life back. There is no instruction manual when you are faced with overwhelming personal challenges. The staff and volunteers continue to help guide us with encouragement and a human connection that is so important to my Dad’s overall health.”

Ron and his daughter are just two of the hundreds of people in our community who rely on our programs and services to continue to live safely and independently at home. Your financial support will have a direct impact on your community and those who share it with you.  Thank you for helping us help others.

Thank you to our volunteers who continue to support this community and SCS with kindness and dedication. Without this team, we could not support the hundreds of clients who continue to live at home with independence and peace of mind. From our home to yours, we wish you a Christmas filled with warmth, laughter, and all the joy the season brings. It was a wonderful year, and we look forward to a gentle and memory-filled New Year. 

To donate, please visit our website at or contact our office at 613-258-3203.


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