Kemptville Male Choir looking for new leaders


by John Baldwin

The Kemptville Male Choir (KMC), consisting of approximately 20‑30 men, is seeking a new director and also an accompanist (pianist), following their upcoming June (Summer) concert, this year. The choir is looking for suitable replacements for these two positions to ensure the continuation of this unique choir and its wonderful sound that has brought joy to so many ears over recent years.

The choir performs for fun, and sings mainly for the benefit of charitable organizations, at Seniors’ homes, churches, outdoor events, and other venues. Performances take place in geographic locations including the area from Kanata to the north, Smith’s Falls to the west, Russell to the east, and Prescott and Morrisburg to the south. KMC’s program of songs varies in selection, with no particular bias as to content or style. This might vary at a particular time of year, celebrating a festival or anniversary, such as Canada’s 150th birthday, when music originating from the provinces across the country was sung. 

The 4-part range of voices goes from the higher tenors down to the lower range baritones and basses. Surprisingly, despite the amazing music produced by them, not all of the singers are readers of music. Some of the members play musical instruments themselves, for their own pleasure, or in other groups. Others just sing because they love and enjoy it and want to be a small part of it, in whatever way possible.

No one is excluded from the choir, regardless of singing experience and expertise. Guidance is usually given by the director for any of the musical selections and arrangements selected by the choir to sing. Any musical adaptations that have to be addressed are discussed and implemented during the weekly Tuesday practices. The Choir’s accompanist provides the actual musical guidance by coordinating with the musical director to interpret the director’s oral explanations and requirements into the sounds that each individual can understand and that each vocal part will be expected to sing.

Much of the singing is performed as a full choir, but there are occasions when songs lend themselves to soloists and quartets. No one is expected to do this unless they are comfortable with what they are being asked to do. Those members who perform these songs expect and receive closer mentoring from the director and assistance from the accompanist so that they feel comfortable and are ultimately successful in what they are doing.

The Kemptville Male Choir is based in Kemptville at the United Church at 400 Prescott St, and is easily accessible to all, being due south of Ottawa, off Highway 416. Some of the present members come in from Ottawa, Manotick, Smiths Falls, and Russell. The weekly Tuesday practice takes place at this location from 7 pm to 9 pm. Music is provided for each choir member. The choir typically performs approximately 10 times a year, at different times, depending on requests. 

If you are musically inclined, with enough knowledge, experience, and patience (we are not all young guys ‑ you know!) to be able to help the choir out in our quest for continuance, then please don’t be shy, give us a try, no matter what your age! If you are worried about what might be involved, then just contact our representative committee members below, to arrange to either attend one of our performances or a practice evening to listen and judge for yourself. We would like to talk to you, or, if you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass on this information. 

Thanks, from all the members of the Kemptville Male Choir. 

Contact: Chris Morgan, 613‑258‑ 7559; John Baldwin, 613‑258‑ 0835; Don Krull, 613‑784‑ 9967; Jim Comtois, 613 ‑252‑ 9576; or Howie Godwin, 613‑898‑1171.


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