Toy donation initiative continues to grow


A generous initiative aimed at ensuring that no child goes without a Christmas toy has continued for another year, and has expanded for the second year in a row. Last year, Jordan Loshinsky made 50 wooden toy cars to donate as Christmas gifts to children in need, making use of his workshop that he has for his business, JL Woodworking. This year, the toy donation will consist of 50 wooden cars, and 50 wooden airplanes. 

Donating such a large amount of toys is a feat that requires many months of work. Jordan explained that the planning process for making this year’s toys began in June, and the cutting of the wooden pieces began in late November. On December 2, the assembly process got underway, with a handful of volunteers all putting in a hard day’s work in the name of making Christmas special for every kid, even those whose parents are struggling. One of the returning volunteers is Jordan’s good friend Dale, a retired nurse who puts in countless hours sanding and gluing wood for the cars (and this year – the newly added airplanes). 

As in previous years, the toy donation was made possible this year through the generosity of corporate sponsors. Penny Beavis, a real estate salesperson with Coldwell Banker, Coburn Realty, donated a large sum of money that paid for all of the wheels, axels, and other small parts. Perkins Lumber in North Gower has returned as a sponsor, donating all of the required wood this year. 

Each year, Jordan aims to have everything ready and cut before assembly day, when a team of 5-7 volunteers completes the cars (and this year – airplanes). “Give everyone a couple of mallets and a couple of hammers and a little bit of glue, and you get all the wheels on pretty fast,” he added. 

Having the JL Woodworking shop makes the donation initiative possible. Jordan explained that while his business does not make as many children’s toys and equipment as it used to – focusing more on kitchen work and furniture – the tools and equipment are still all in place, providing an ideal place to make the toys for the large toy donation. 

When asked why he runs this toy donation initiative, Jordan explained that he wishes to take some stress out of the Christmas season for parents, especially this year, with everything being so expensive. “I just want to create a bit of happiness for a handful of kids, and make the world a hint of a better place,” said Jordan. “I’m not going to cure cancer and I can’t figure out world hunger, so this is the least I can do with the skills and knowledge that I have.”

Even as this year’s project is still underway, Jordan is already looking toward future years, and hinted that some bigger ideas may be cooking up as well. Until then, we extend our collective “kudos” to Jordan, the volunteers and the sponsors for another great Christmas season putting smiles on children’s faces!


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