Bell Ringers OR Not Salvation Army’s Need


by David E Butler, The Observer Poet

Volunteer Marc Cote hard at work for the Kettle Campaign at the Mistletoe Fair on November 19.

Food Bank users go every two weeks
For the food their body seeks
Twenty-six times per year
To help them overcome their fear
Of having to do without
Before at our LORD they want to shout!!

For thirty-one days
The Salvation Army prays
That many of those users will ring bells
To fill up kettle-wells
In two hour shifts
So that everyone’s spirits lifts!

Single working parents may not have the time,
But if you are just single, it’s like a crime
If no time you give
To help others to live
When the SAL-ARMY needs you to serve
To help reduce the weighted curve!

Now is not the time to say “Not me”
When many can easily grieve
Because one chose to let others work a lot
Trying to fill up each needed spot
The way our LORD – each of us taught
“Do unto others” – you must have forgot!

If bell ringing gets on the nerves
The LCBO helps those who it serves
Peacefully, without the ringing sound
To disturb everyone who is around
Trying to get whatever is the need
To buy while doing their deed!

Be sure to fill in any spot
That helps the SAL-ARMY now
Allowing each individual to take their bow
Gaining “Thank You’s” from all who care
And are helping Each of them to share!!!



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