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Since 2015, the Friends of the Andrewsville Bridge have been advocating for the Bridge as an important asset to our communities. The Bridge, located east of Merrickville, has spanned the Rideau River for generations. 

The Andrewsville Bridge is a fine example of a riveted truss bridge and it contributes to the beauty of the river and the heritage of the setting, which includes a swing bridge at Upper Nicolson’s Locks a short distance away. The current bridge was built ca. 1900. by the Dominion Bridge Company, which was one of the largest bridge building companies in Canada.

On April 26, 2023, presentations were made to Lanark County Council stressing the importance of the bridge by the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicles and the Friends of the Andrewsville Bridge(FAB).

The presentation by FAB includes a proposal for a replacement that preserves its historic appearance. Details at

Lanark County then adopted MOTION #PW-2023-24 to move forward with bridge replacement contingent on 50% funding from the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. 

We need your support as we bring our case to the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville

Now is the time for all Friends of the Andrewsville Bridge to tell the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville as we did with Lanark County that we want our bridge to stay open! We need you to show up at United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, 25 Central Ave. West, Suite 100, Brockville Council Chambers during the discussion on the future of the Bridge on Nov 8th at 9 am. Citizen attendance is allowed, and a strong showing to support the Bridge is needed to reinforce its importance to  our communities. 

Use the link below to visit our website. Sign the petition and let your politicians know it’s important!

Thank you for your support!

Friends of Andrewsville Bridge


  1. I would like to sign the petition but my web browser warns that the site is a potential security risk to my computer because its certificate has expired (whatever that means). I hope that whoever runs the web site can fix the problem.


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