There has been even more trouble on the Andrewsville Bridge since the article in The Times, two weeks ago, and the Friends of the Andrewsville Bridge (FAB) are concerned.

According to FAB member, Valerie Morris, a heavy truck, carrying an even heavier cattle trailer, crossed the bridge, knocking the height barrier off its hinges. A couple of days later, a truck hauling a 20-foot (6 metre) camper crossed the swing bridge, but stopped before crossing the “causeway” because of the height barrier and sign marking the 2.4 meter limit. “He was by himself, so there was no help to back up over the swing bridge,” Valerie says, who witnessed the incident. “He called the OPP. Help came, and they pointed him in the right direction, and he was on his way.”

Valerie says that most people agree that the temporary closure of the bridge at Burrits Rapids has put a major increase in traffic on the Andrewsville Bridge. However, no one is sure about what to do to control the traffic. This is a problem that will still exist long after the Burrits Rapids bridge re-opens and, if a solution is not found soon, the wear and tear on the bridge will eventually take it down. “We cannot let that happen,” Valerie says. “It’s up to all of us to save the bridge and do the right thing.”

It is apparent from the continuing number of incidents on the bridge that the signage that has been placed, both north and southbound, on the bridge is not a big enough deterrent for oversized vehicles. Most choose to follow their GPS, which doesn’t take into account the 5 tonne weight and 2.4 metre height restrictions.

Valerie hopes that, by getting the word out there, people will start heeding the internationally recognized signs that are clearly displayed at both entrances to the bridge. “Part of the solution is raising people’s awareness and hope they will do the right thing.”


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