The NG Times Newspaper

By Pam Owen

January 29 was one of those wonderful mornings that started with a light dusting of snow, followed up by the sunshine breaking out. Big Sky Ranch was getting ready for some wonderful entertainment, the barns were ready, even the animals sensed something exciting coming their way. Slowly at first, then in waves, people began arriving, parking was handled by volunteers so that as many cars as possible could park in the lot, laneway and finally on the road! Local folks, out of town visitors and the choir arrived, many with their parents.
The Pop Shop All-Stars, all students at a small performing arts school, a group of highly talented young ladies ranging in age from 6 to 16 years old were ready to ‘Sing to the Animals’. They performed seven songs inside, where the barns joined up. Chairs were set out for many, standing room for others, but it was the animals that enjoyed front row seating. Emus, pigs, goats and chickens, all enjoying the show. The goats in particular kept standing up on back legs to make sure they took all the music and visitors in. The cat population was happy to circulate through the crowd enjoying being picked up and petted, purring as they went.
The Pop Shop All-Stars have shared their talents in Senior’s homes, Community events in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, New York and Nashville. They are headed to L.A. at the end of this summer to train and perform with the best. The young ladies did not come without purpose. They have a “Calendar of Kids Kindness” where they choose one or more groups or causes to donate their time, talent and resources to. On this particular Sunday afternoon, it was Big Sky Ranch who enjoyed the All-Stars!
Big Sky Ranch gracefully received cash, 600 lb. and 200 lb. bales of hay, wet dog food, toys and treats, cat litter, pet accessories, a large lot of Timothy Hay for the bunnies, horse riding accessories, tons of cleaning supplies and much more. When the girls were finished entertaining us, I noticed that they scurried off with bags of carrot and apple treats to be hand fed to the animals.
It was a pleasure to enjoy the talent of Pop Shop All-Stars and it was exciting to be a part of the energy that surrounds such an event. Andy and everyone at Big Sky Ranch sends out a huge Thank-you to the All-Stars as well as friends, family and everyone for their generous donations. In turn, the All-Stars thank you Big Sky Ranch for having them out. At the end of the day, the animals say thank to everyone who helps out, volunteers and donates so they can live a better life.


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