November 17 consultation meeting on proposed prison


The following Q&A was submitted to the Times in relation to the planned consultation meeting announced for November 17 on the proposed prison complex for Kemptville. The questions came from a local resident, and the answers were supplied by Steve Clark’s office.

Q. What is the scope of this meeting? Is there a list of topics/meeting agenda that can be reviewed in advance?
A. Topics include ones that Minister Clark, Minister Jones and the North Grenville Council have been tracking, which include, progress on the project, land sharing with the community, early design concepts, community benefits, dispelling police cost impacts, future engagement timelines with stakeholders.

Q. Who will be hosting/attending the meeting besides the general public?
A. The Ministry of the Solicitor General will be hosting the public engagement. We cannot say who else will attend given it’s an open forum, but staff from the various elected and bureaucratic offices will attend.

Q. Can individuals submit their questions in advance? If so, by what means?
A. Email to send advance questions is: [email protected] However, we will also be taking written questions live during the event.

Q. When will this meeting be held?
A. November 17, starting time to be confirmed (around 6:00-6:30 pm)

Q. Where will this meeting be hosted?
A. This will be a video only engagement in order to allow everyone access without the need to manage public health measures.

Q. Will we need to pre-register to attend? And if so, what’s the best way to stay tuned for that announcement?
A. Yes, pre-registration is required and we will soon be launching our advertising campaign to ensure it is widely communicated.



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