by John Baldwin

I raised our front window blind this morning to be greeted with the sight of, not only dry weather, but also a very small Red Breasted Nuthatch busily pecking away at one of our peanut feeders. Beyond him, in the garden further away from the house, three or four of my daily flock of Rock Pigeons competed for the remnants of the seed left from yesterday’s feeding. The noisy passing school buses and a fuel delivery truck limited my sighting of anything else this early in the day.

Yesterday, I caught sight of a male Cardinal, and several Slate colored Juncos joined the other ground feeders, the Mourning Doves. They seem to get along just fine together and don’t bother each other, despite their size differences. This sighting was a little later in the day and, as I turned to re-enter our house, a gaggle of geese took off from the field behind the house opposite us. As they rose up, to form their v-shaped skein, the evening sunset caught their white bellies, momentarily giving them a flash of red, as they flew over. Of course, I had just turned off my camera, so I wasn’t able to capture any of the beauty to share with anyone else, particularly yourselves. Maybe you did see it too, but if you didn’t, there are still a few geese about who also like to take off just as dusk falls, and they might treat you too. At least you will hear their “honking” as they take off and pass overhead.

Enjoy and stay safe.

John Baldwin.


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