Mayor responds to lower funding


Elsewhere in this issue of the Times, we report on the latest allocation of funds to municipalities under the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund, noting that Merrickville-Wolford is one of only three local municipalities to have their allocation reduced for 2022. Mayor Doug Struthers was asked for his response to this reduction, and stated:

“The province has committed to maintaining the structure of the OMPF and the program envelope at $500 million. This is a most welcome, given municipalities have long conveyed and stressed the need for stable and predictable funding of the OMPF.

Merrickville-Wolford’s allocation for 2022 is $303,800, which is down slightly from the 2021 allocation of $311,600. While an explanation is not provided, the grant components and transitional assistance funding guarantees of the program remain and is responsive to changing circumstances, through annual data updates and related adjustments of all 444 Ontario municipalities. While our 2022 allocation is slightly reduced, it is an appreciated and invaluably important funding program.”


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