Local Covid testing centre procedure


The North Grenville Covid-19 Assessment Centre will be open as per normal tomorrow and onwards at 15 Campus Drive, Kemptville

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Arrive to the Kemptville Campus Soccer field entrance (plenty of signage as you arrive to direct you).

Step 2: You will be met in your car by AC staff who will determine your eligibility for testing. Whomever is eligible, will receive a registration form to be completed and a TIME PASS.
The time pass will have an allocated time window for you to return (ie. 9am to 10a).

Step 3: Present to 15 Campus Drive at your allocated time (entrance across from the Kemptville District Hospital.) You will be met by a security guard as you enter the campus who will direct you to the parking lot after you present your time pass.

Step 4: Enter the Bell Building, register and get your test! EASY PEASY

***We have been working with this time pass system since Day 1
and so the Ontario government’s announcement
of changing to appt based testing only does not affect us***


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