Letter to the Editor – Universal Basic Income


Dear Editor,

I am surprised to see the editor being so pushy on the idea of universal basic income. This came up in three different places in the newspaper. I am all for freedom of expression and personal liberty, but the editor may want to consider a balanced approach in order to remain engaged with readers. I would suggest a discussion of the economics and long term effects also. There are studies that show both pros and cons that could be discussed.

On the topic of the Bistro anti-mask demonstration, I certainly do not agree with what happened and would not take part in it. BUT, we should acknowledge the difficult position of this business and others like it. Many businesses may have weathered through Covid if governments had not forced lockdowns (rightly or wrongly, not debating that here).

There are many of us that can work from home, are retired, or others that have been inconvenienced, but many small business owners have lost their livelihoods as a direct result of government interventions which most of us see as needed. Imagine being a small business owner operating on razor thin margins competing with the big box stores. It would be incredibly frustrating and if I were in that position, I would probably have done something silly also. Let’s be a little tolerant and not be out for revenge – it does not help.

Tolerance is about understanding everyone’s viewpoint and not just of the groups that we like, or that are currently in the news. As a side note, I am not sure it is appropriate for the liquor board to be used as a disciplinary tool in such a case. If laws were broken, go ahead and pursue, but I am not sure how liquor comes into this, unless it was being served at the event?

Justin Macklem


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