Letter to the Editor – Spencerville


Dear Editor,

A stopover in Spencerville

My 87‑year‑old mother and I were on the first day of our two‑week road trip to visit my son and sister, with stops at the major shrines/basilicas, in Quebec. It was our first vacation (August 2021) since the passing of her husband, my father, in March 2020.

As we were driving toward the Hwy 416 exit ramp, I noticed a leak in tire pressure came on the dashboard (technology, you gotta love it!). We took the exit and with a few prayers, we barely made it to the Drummond gas station in Spencerville. I couldn’t access the air pump as Russell, the driver of a tanker truck, had his big rig filling the underground gas tanks. He calmed my anxiety and said he would be finished before my wheel would touch pavement. After he finished, he helped me fill my tire with air, but the leak was so large it spewed it back out as fast as the pump that pumped it in! Jacob from the store came out and offered a product to slow down the leak in order to help me get to a service station to fix the tire. Russell offered his advice and I decided to call CAA. Meanwhile, a paramedic in town (didn’t get his name) came over and called his friend who owns the service station in town, but unfortunately, his friend was away. After that, I decided to put on the truck spare tire. At that moment, two other young gentlemen, Liam and Lane (my heroes!), came by and asked if they could help. I told them I called CAA but they said it would probably be at least 2 hours! I greatly appreciated their help and they took right over. My husband tied the lock nuts so tight Liam stood on the wrench and that didn’t move them. Luckily another buddy came by and lent them his hammer. It worked! In the end, they changed the tire in record time, for which I was very grateful. Jacob later helped me find a motel close by where we stayed overnight and got a new tire put on the next morning at Canadian Tire in Prescott. That also proved to be a pleasant experience!

All in all one of the fondest memories of our vacation, of which there were many, happened on the very first day with an unintended stopover in Spencerville. I will never forget the hospitality of your small town. But it was more than that, we were complete strangers taken care of like family! The people make a town, and within Spencerville there is a wealth of really awesome people. We will never forget your willingness to serve others and that has changed the lives of two people for the better!!! THANK YOU.

Susan and Edith


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