Letter to the Editor – Climate Change


Dear Editor,

Climate Change

I witnessed climate change first hand and not by luxury cruise boats which are major polluters. I took ten sailing trips throughout the Caribbean and this was done 95% by wind power. I saw fish nets all tangled up with the remains of our beautiful sea mammals. I saw so much plastic which will never decompose. For all those bedroom scientists, I defy you to contradict the proof of the damage to our environment. All the chemicals that are so toxic are being discharged into our oceans and the St. Lawrence River is one of the major contributors. If we can’t save the oceans, we can’t save the world. The world is deteriorating at such a great rate that we haven’t got time to think about it for the next five to ten years. This deterioration has to be neutralized and it could take up to twenty to fifty years to bring the earth back to normal.

Ralph Raina


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