Letter to the Editor – Heritage Advisory Committee.


Dear Editor,

Once again, thank you for such a fantastic read.  The two items you highlighted; Deeks Quarry Cairn and the Baldachin, obviously hit home as a resident in Merrickivlle/Wolford. Your point that such items have been wilfully neglected are on point.

Would it not be fabulous if our Council re-instated the Heritage Advisory Committee. I am still trying to track down reasons Council disbanded them a few years ago. How can you live in a history rich village and not have a Heritage Advisory Committee??  However, knowing the struggles in “working” with current Council and Staff have proved to be very difficult. To date, I believe only 2 Advisory Committees are operational… that might be the bigger question….why?

Here’s hoping residents VOTE and VOTE differently next term.

One question I do have: previously Hillary did a bang up job covering our Monday Council meetings?  Wondering if there might be any plans to have the Council Meetings in Merrickville Wolford covered and re-capped in the Times? I know it’s a big ask, but truly some of the things said and done need to be brought to the forefront for residents who would not be able to listen live, or after the fact. I know they do read your paper. 

Respectfully Submitted

Katie Burnette-Dickie


  1. Katie Burnette-Dickie, when will you ever stop being hilarious? I look forward to your letter blaming council when Wiarton Willy sees his shadow! Best regards

    • Thank you Edward, hilarious I did not intend to be, but honest I did. Thank you to the NG Times for the platform. I look forward to Wiarton Willy making an appearance, bring on Spring! To which I shall never give credit to Council for.


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