by Hayley Bedford

If, like me, you spend the first few minutes of every morning lying in bed, scrolling through Instagram, you may have noticed that there seems to be a new page in town! That’s right Merrickvillians, I am talking about the new Merrickville Village Voices page. Now, of course, being the kind of hard-headed journalist that I am (LOL), I thought it my responsibility, nay, my DUTY to find out what this is all about. This was quite a task, due to that fact that this mysterious page has no affiliations or links to anyone, or any existing groups in town. What is this new page that seemed to spring up overnight and immediately gain a following?

After a little bit more sleuthing, I learned that a few months ago, Merrickville gained two new residents. They arrived quietly and slipped seamlessly into village life. An accomplishment this dynamic duo put down to the open arms of the community that embraced them. “We love just going for a pint and chatting to strangers at the bar”, they said. “We get local information like, ‘Have you met Wendy at the LCBO? Oh, you will meet her’”. It was having chats like this that sparked an idea in the couple. Wouldn’t it be great to have a page that tells the stories of the people of Merrickville? Not just the businesses, or community groups, but the actual driving forces, the people behind it all.

“Merrickville has such a diverse, dynamic community we have found, we have spoken to people from all walks of life, from all over the world!”, the pair told the Times – another reason I imagine this project will be so interesting, not only for the duo, but for the community as a whole.

There is quite a lot of mystery surrounding the pair behind this project. Who are they? Where did they come from? When did they arrive? The answers to which I found out during a wonderful conversation with them? However, this information is not for me to divulge! Nay, nay, where is the fun in that?! I am told all will be revealed in due course; but, for now, they want to keep the village guessing. So, enjoy the stories and ponder who it could be! Isn’t that such FUN?!

To join the fun and enjoy this project, make sure to follow – merrickvillevillagevoices on Instagram or on Facebook. 


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