Darcie Clement, St Mark High School; Darcy Keith, North Grenville District High School; Zoel Boal, North Grenville District High School; Alex Connelly, TR Leger; Makenzie Scheepers, North Dundas District High School.

Kemptville Retirement Living held a high school graduation ceremony on Friday for some of their young dining room staff. Carrie Gravel of Kemptville Retirement Living says they wanted to give them some sort of celebration, because their prom and graduation ceremonies had been cancelled due to COVID-19. “It’s such a memorable time in a young person’s life,” she says. “You always remember your prom.”

Kemptville Retirement Living decorated their courtyard and had all five of their employees who were graduating dress up in their prom dresses. Resident George Blake acted as the emcee for the event and Carrie handed a diploma and flower to each of the graduates as George told the crowd which school they were graduating from, and what they were going to do next year.

Zoe Boal with resident and great grandmother Pat Guilnette and resident Madeleine Billings.

Along with a full courtyard of residents dressed in their best, the girls’ families also watched from a distance, on the other side of the fence. “Thank you for helping us celebrate their special time,” Carrie told the crowd. “And thank you to their lovely parents who are on the outside for joining us.”

Carrie noted that it was not only an opportunity to celebrate some of their staff, but also a great way for their residents to be involved in an inter-generational event. “It helps both of them, the grads as well as the residents.”


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