by Wendy Embleton

It is no secret that I am in love with this community we call North Grenville.  Since raising my boys in the early years on the outskirts of town to moving my business here over the past years, I have an overwhelming sense of home within these streets.  Because of the people.  One person in particular has always made me smile and it is sad for our community this year to see this fine gentlemen leave NG and move onto his next step.  

Frank Hoffman is known to many here as Canadian Tire Frank.  His smile and blessed attitude in our cherished Canadian Tire store and his contribution to many of our community and cultural events has been a gift that we often don’t see.  During the pandemic Frank would reach out to our community groups asking how he could support, he worked tirelessly to protect his employees and his community and with an email or a phone call he was always trying to assist in any way he was able.  

Through the wonderful Jump Start program Frank pushes to help more and more every year benefit from the generosity of the program through the Kemptville Youth Centre, the youth sports programs and more.  

I choose to focus on the joy for Frank being off to his next step in London Ontario to a community I know will benefit and love him as much as we have over these years.  To Frank I know I speak on behalf of your Kempville District Community Association when I say Thank You and best of luck!  We hope you return often to visit and relish in the many programs and lives you have had such a strong impact on.  To your successor, we look forward to meeting the man that will have very large shoes to fill!  Without a doubt North Grenville will welcome him with open arms and appreciation.

Thanks to you Frank, the residents of North Grenville can enjoy a lovely display of fireworks!


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