Downtown Digest August – The Big Spend


If you went out Saturday July 25 and spent money locally for The Big Spend, there’s no doubt that it was appreciated by our local small business community. Just make sure you do it again tomorrow and the next day. If you just slip back into a routine of shopping out of town, or ordering online now that you feel good about having shopped locally ONE day out of 365, then consider that you are actually negatively impacting the fabric and well-being of our community. Sound dramatic?

Local businesses directly financially support many aspects of life in our community, including children’s activities, recreational programs, community events, and employment. Additionally, they pay taxes to our municipal government, which pays for the municipal services that we use every day (policing, social services, recreational amenities, roads, bridges, trails etc.). They can’t do these things when you shop outside North Grenville, or buy things online that get delivered from outside. Spending locally means that we all see a direct personal benefit. Conversely, every dollar you spend outside our community results in a direct loss for every one of us.

The retail grocery industry did a study and found out that for every dollar you spend at a local business, that dollar can be shared around the community up to six times before it leaves. With that in mind, remember that every dollar spent online at Amazon, or at any another business outside our community, means that money leaves our community immediately, doesn’t come back, and we see no benefit from it.

For the record, dollar for dollar, our local small businesses (both franchise & independent) provide better value, more local employment, more convenience, better service, and more local and unique products and services than the multi-national corporations which have raked in billions in profit while our local small businesses have either closed, or suffered heavy financial and job losses. Remember, every time you #buylocal, #shoplocal, or #eatlocal, you are directly investing in your community.


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