Otter Lake resident Dorothy Goubault was the subject of a Times article last year when she set out on a journey to honour the memory of her late partner Gerald by producing a CD with net profits being donated to the Heart Institute. 

The album, called “When Will I See You Again?”, was as much a way for Dorothy to express herself after losing Gerald as it was a fundraising effort. She wrote the title track herself, with the remaining nine tracks on the CD being covers of traditional fiddle tunes. 

Now, Dorothy has gained attention through a feature in a Heart Institute magazine. “The Ottawa Heart Institute Donors Annual Magazine has just been released with a heart warming article on our heart journey, my CD, my upcoming book, and why I support the Heart Institute in their research under the header name of “Oracle”, the head/heart relationship,” said Dorothy. “It is a full last page of the magazine.”

One of the ways Dorothy is being recognized in the Heart Institute community is through an incredibly generous and heartwarming commitment she has made to be a “donor” to the Heart Institute when she passes away. She hopes to encourage others to do the same, with the result being as many people as possible leaving the “greatest gift of all” upon their passing. 

Dorothy continues to keep busy, and though she acknowledges that she is not a musician, she continues to put herself out into the music world to draw attention to a very worthy cause. 

“Hopefully, I will be in a position to take in the World Summit for Women in May 2024 in Madrid, Spain with over a thousand women executives from around the world,” Dorothy added. “I will take CDs with me and hopefully my book will be published to take it along with me.”

A Heart Institute publication sent by Dorothy provides some information for those who may be ready to take the first steps in including a legacy gift in their will. “Today, you can decide to help thousands of future cardiac patients by leaving a lasting gift in your will. Talk to your loved ones. A conversation around your shared legacy can be a bonding experience and create special memories.” The Heart Institute invites interested people to engage in a confidential conversation with Selva at 613-696-7251 or [email protected].


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