Counties Council has voted in favour of sending a formal letter to the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change asking if the ED-19 proposed landfill site’s certification is still valid.

“We are backing up this train and we’re doing our due diligence,” said Warden Robin Jones. ED-19 is located at the west end of Byers Road. It is approximately 165 acres in size with about 35 acres designated for the landfill footprint. ED-19 was identified as the preferred landfill site in the 1990s as the result of a Waste Management Master Plan Study for the United Counties, Brockville and Prescott. ED-19 received Environmental Assessment approval and a Provisional Certificate of Approval from the Province of Ontario in 1998.

The Citizens Against the ED-19 Dump group, with representatives attending the Counties Council meeting, is stating the Certificate of Approval is invalid due to the age of the document and the testing methodology employed 19 years ago.

For more information contact CAO Andy Brown at 613-342-3840, ext. 2301. There is an information page on ED-19 on the Counties website:


  1. People need to be aware it’s not a 165 acre site were only concerned with its the 600 acre sale of land by UCLG that is very troublesome and scary. We’re talking Carp Road landfill size here with import of garbage from outside of leeds and grenville. You tell me what Township wants this sort of thing smack dab in the Centre of things ?


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