Province revokes ED-19 Environmental Assessment


On December 16, 2019 Jeff Yurek, the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, wrote to the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville informing the Counties of his decision to revoke the 1998 environmental assessment approval for ED-19.

ED-19 was an approved landfill site located in the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal. This site was the result of 1990s work of the Counties, the City of Brockville and the Town of Prescott. The municipalities funded and prepared an environmental assessment, and in 1998 received the approval for a regional landfill in the 1990s.

Over the past few years, the Counties has been looking at selling the site to Tomlinson Environmental. During this time, opposition occurred and the Citizens Against the Dump (CAD) was formed to oppose the development of the site.

In 2019, the Government of Ontario amended the Environmental Assessment Act enabling the Minister to review and revoke past environmental assessments decisions. After the amendment was enacted and proclaimed, the Minister wrote to the Counties in June, 2019 notifying them of his intent to review the approval and providing the Counties and other parties the opportunity to submit information to him. The Counties submitted documents in support of the approved Certificate, including the recent Environment Review Tribunal decision supporting the Certificate, and consulting engineers’ reports.

For more information, contact Chief Administrative Officer, Andy Brown at 613-342-3840, ext. 2301.


  1. Thos is a very poorly finished article. It appears to be written backwards unless of course the purpose is to get people to call the person named at the end to discuss the reason for revocation? If the Minister has revoked the approval it should not be taken lightly. There mist be very good reason for the approval to have been rescinded.

  2. Reason is simple NIMBY. Until our country gets serious about gasification we need dumps. Problem is nobody wants dumps or aggregate digs in their backyards.


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