by John Baldwin

Yesterday, whilst maintaining safe distancing out on our local country roads, I got to see a couple of unexpected sights of the larger of our feeding birds. The first was a Turkey Vulture, which flew by us, and did not alight, but took our eyes up to another one feeding at the top of a Hydro Pole. Being summer visitors, it was an unexpected treat, not to be missed. It was a bright sunny day, which didn’t really help when trying to get a good view of both of them. Anyhow, I persevered and managed to get some shots of them both. Unbeknownst to myself, in the field to my right were some Wild Turkeys, which my wife pointed out, and they stood out, quite clearly and colourfully, in the sunlight. Camera duly clicked and some pictures of them captured, before both sets of birds disappeared from view. All of this live action took place over a few minutes of time and we were very lucky to witness it. Fortunately, if the winds don’t spring up too strongly, the autumnal ( Fall ) leaves will provide us with some lovely colors to enjoy over the holiday. Hopefully all of your readers will be able to enjoy them too.

Take care and stay safe.


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