by John Baldwin

Hopefully this finds you all feeling a little bit more relieved, as the communal battle against Covid 19 is slowly being won.

Despite this, Nature still goes on, as each species struggles to propagate to survive, as shown in the picture of the House Wren with food in its beak for its new brood.

Unfortunately, the rival nesting Bluebird had something go drastically wrong in its life, as proven by the sight of a dead chick lying inert at the foot of its lofty nesting box.

What happened is a mystery, since there are no perches on any of my four nesting boxes, so marauding birds cannot readily get access into the nest to take the young or eggs. They seem to have deserted the nest and are not in the garden! The House Wrens are still busy in theirs, without any interference, so we are thankful for that.

Whilst taking a break from a very hot lawn mowing job, I sat on one of my garden benches, with camera in hand, and watched the Wrens flying to and fro to their nest, and also watched a pair of Eastern Kingbirds from afar.

I say that, because they tend to land at the highest point of the highest trees in the neighbourhood, despite the seeming fragility of the perch, swaying in the breeze and using their fan shaped white banded tail tip to stabilize themselves.

These trees are 60-70 feet high, so you can see that they are very inconspicuous, as they sit and wait for bugs and insects to fly by.

Look hard and you will get to see them too.

Stay safe and well,



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