60 Years of Taste and Tradition

Red and Rose Grahame, 1984

Now that they are celebrating sixty years in business, the Grahame family don’t just have deep roots in this community, they are a foundation stone. Kemptville, all of North Grenville, without Grahame’s Bakery, is inconceivable. It is a rare thing to find one family running a business for six decades, generation after generation; but the Grahame’s are carrying on a traditional bakery that has been a tasty asset to the people of the region since at least 1885. Now, that’s tradition!

But, with the Grahames, it’s not just a business. For three generations, moving into a fourth, they have played a role in this community above and beyond what was required. During the Ice Storm of 1998, it was the oven at Grahame’s Bakery that kept people fed with hot food. It has been a place where people met and chatted (sometimes, even, about politics). The annual free Christmas Community Dinners that have been held every Christmas Day for some years now, have depended on Grahame’s for beautifully-cooked turkeys, another product of the historic wood-fed oven. That is not unusual, however, as many community groups and local churches can attest. Grahame’s Bakery have always been there to cook for the community, usually at no cost. Rick Grahame and sister Deb Wilson continue that tradition, with Debbie serving on the BIA and NG Police Services Board.

Debbie Wilson, Rick Grahame and son Wesley Grahame

In this issue, you’ll find more information about Grahame’s Bakery, as well as many messages of congratulations from the people and businesses in North Grenville. This community knows how much the family have contributed, and still contribute, to making it a great place to live (and eat).

Debbie Wilson and her mother Rose Grahame

Mayor Peckford and her Council colleagues have issued a statement on behalf of the entire community, marking the 60th anniversary of Grahame’s Bakery:

“On behalf of Council, I would like to congratulate Rick and Debbie, and everyone at Grahame’s Bakery for an outstanding family business located in the heart of Kemptville. Grahame’s has been a touchstone for so many people in our community over so many decades, and has stepped up time and time again to help North Grenville become what it is today. Our very generous and caring community would not be same without Grahame’s bakery! Here’s to 60 more years!” – Mayor Nancy Peckford


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