Grahame’s Bakery and Salamander of Kemptville booths at the Ottawa Art Show

Recently, Grahame’s Bakery and Salamanders of Kemptville supported the annual Ottawa art show sponsored by the Mental Illness Caregivers Association (MICA). MICA is a non-profit organization made up of family members, caregivers, and consumers who ensures that family caregivers have awareness and access to resources that provide meaningful support for themselves and lifelong care for their loved ones suffering from mental illness.

The MICA Annual Art Show rebounded after two years of shut-down due to the Covid pandemic. It was held in beautiful Strathcona Park along the Rideau River. The show was very well attended, including a visit from the North Grenville Arts Guild Executive and members. For more information on MICA and how you can be involved, go to


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