submitted by John Baldwin

We are about fifteen, not so young men, who just love to sing,
And combine all our voices, Tenors, Baritone and Bass, to do our musical thing!
Many of us have done this, quite well, for many a year,
And our deep rich harmony has brought joy, to many a listening ear.
We go out and we sing at Seniors’ retirement homes, churches and all sorts of events,
And have even sung at a Plowing Match under a marquee type tent!
We are not professional singers, most can’t pick out, to sing, individual notes from a scale,
But the sound when we listen and then sing, just becomes perfection
when we set out, our listeners to regale.
We sing for the love of it and want this pleasure to continue,
Which is why we are making this open appeal to you.
We are not a church choir who solely religious songs sing,
We have a wide repertoire and sing all different kinds of musical things.
Folk, pop and other well-known songs, just show us the score,
We practice and sing it until our sound is just right, and when it is, our audiences definitely want more.
So, if you already are a singer, or one who just sings in the bath,
Come and join us, for we are also well known for having good fun and a laugh.
You too would be welcomed, in answer to our request,
This we say and not just in jest!
For our numbers are dwindling drastically and need to be replenished,
Which, we hope that you can do, once you have read this and finished.
Don’t be shy, just give us a call, and search us out on our own web-site,
We practice in Kemptville 7-9 pm each Tuesday night,
From Ottawa we are due south on the of Prince of Wales Drive, or the 416, your choice by car,
There are members who travel from Smiths Falls and Russell, who don’t think it too far.
If you would like a preview of the things that we do,
Then come to one of our practices or one of our upcoming performances, we’d like to meet you.

Thank you from the members of the Kemptville Male Choir.

KMC contacts:
John Baldwin 613-258-0835
Chris Morgan 613-258-7559


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